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Trahado Sector Priva Aruba: 42000
Instalacion App 16-2-2024: 16360

The Social Security Bank Aruba (SVb Aruba) plays a significant role in the social security system in Aruba. In this context, SVb executes 5 social security laws. Every month, SVb ensures that a large part of our community receives an income through the payment of sickness benefits, old-age pension and widows’ and orphans’ pension. Ever since January 1986, SVb has been providing security for Aruba’s community.

SVb in Numbers1 feb '241 jan '241 dec '231 nov '231 jan '23
Pension AOV22.42922.48722.42422.31922.335
Pension AWW1.8561.8541.8631.8691.815
Employees ZV36.76836.39736.66736.30234.828
Employees OV42.51542.06442.33041.94339.984
Employment Contracts44.82344.17444.44043.92141.565


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Information for all employees of Aruba, private sector and public sector.


Information for all employers on Aruba registered at the SVb.


Information for all the SVb clients whom are (going to) collecting a pension from the SVb.

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