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The Social Insurance Bank (SVb Aruba) performs an essential task in the social insurance system of Aruba. Within this framework, SVb executes five social insurance laws. Every month SVb ensures that a large part of our community receives an income through AO disability days, old age pension, widow’s pension, and orphan’s pension.
Since January 1st 1986, SVb has provided security for its community.

SVb in Numbers1 july1 june1 may1 jan '22
Pension AOV22036221102216422101
Pension AWW1862185918471792
Employees ZV35890356973548434374
Employees OV41398411664093539150
Job Fillings43518431594283540660

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Information for all employees of Aruba, public and private sector.


Information for all employers of Aruba who are registered at the SVb.


Information for all clients of the SVb whom (are going to) receive a pension from the SVb.

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