Enrollment for benefits

For an employee to receive the benefits of employees insurance, the law stipulates that the employer must enroll the employee as an insured in SVb. Without enrollment in SVb, the employee is not entitled to sickness and accident insurance benefits. If the employee has more than one employer, they must be registered with SVb for each employer.

By law, all workers who have a labor agreement on a regular basis must be registered with SVb. The amount of work hours, contract length, or whether it is a probationary period or temporary or vacation job does not affect the obligation to register.

The owner or director who is the largest shareholder (owns more than 50% of shares in the share register) cannot be registered as an SVb insured. The owner or director who is not a major shareholder can enroll in SVb only if they receive a salary.


Employee enrollment is done online by the employer via MiSVb (https://misvb.svbaruba.org). It is not possible to enroll in SVb in person (as of November 15, 2019).

Change in employment status

An employer must enroll the employee again in MiSVb if the employee’s employment status changes:

  • If the employee changes employer.
  • If the employee returns to work for the same employer.
  • If the employee moves from one company to another under the same consortium.

Enrollment obligation

As of July 1, 2016, every employer (whether a natural person or legal entity) is obliged to register the employee with SVb before the first day of work or on the same day of work during working hours.

Authority to fine

If an employer does not comply with the registration obligation, SVb has the authority to fine the employer a sum of maximum Afl. 500.000,-.

Termination of Insurance

The employee’s entitlement to benefits terminate when the employee is no longer in service. The employer can notify SVb via our MiSVb portal.

More information

For more information, you can contact SVb by phone at 527-2700, via email at info@svbaruba.org or through this form.