Employee Hazard Class

The list mentioned below is the classification of the entire class of hazards according to Landsverordening Ongevallenverzekering (AB 1997 no. GT 6).


Class 1 (0,25% of daily wage)

  • Administrative and other office work (performed exclusively by the company).
  • Architectural, expertise, engineering, and/or appraisal agencies (business conducted by holders).
  • Medical doctors, dentists, or veterinarians (engaging in the liberal profession of).
  • Undertakers (business conducted by).
  • Libraries, reading establishments, and/or museums (business conducted by holders).
  • Cinemas, theaters (business conducted by permanent holders), the business of staging plays, concerts, and/or other public entertainments in fixed buildings, including the rental of buildings and/or premises.
  • Dance institutes, dance halls, fencing schools, bathhouses and swimming facilities, campsites, facilities for physiotherapy and massage, and/or other sports halls and sports grounds (business conducted by holders) and/or the business conducted by mobile cinemas, dance tents, exhibitions, fairground stalls, and similar.
  • Photographic and photo-lithography establishments (business conducted in).
  • Hairdressing and/or wig-making business (the) and/or the business of operating beauty and/or foot care institutes.
  • Garment industry (the business of manufacturing).
  • Educational institutions and laboratories (business conducted in), including laboratory work, and the business conducted in laboratories for scientific and/or technical research.
  • Parking lots (the business of operating).
  • Radio stations (operation of).
  • Advertising studios (business conducted in).
  • Dental technician – dentures (the business of manufacturing) and/or the business conducted in dental laboratories.
  • Auctions, exhibitions, and/or sales (business conducted by holders).
  • Insurance companies and/or owners of insurance agencies (business conducted by).
  • Hospitals and/or clinics (the business of managing or operating); activities related to district nursing and family care.

Class 2 (0,5% of daily wage)

  • Pharmaceutical company.
  • Bookbinding and/or liner company.
  • Printing company, with or without publishing, including newspapers, magazines, and/or other periodicals.
  • Gold and/or silver smithing and/or jewelry workshops.
  • Watchmaking company.
  • Instrument manufacturing and/or repairing company, repairing and selling sales, music, and/or gaming machines, office machines, and/or weighing scales and meat slicers used in shops and restaurants, and/or optician’s business.
  • Coffee sorting and/or coffee roasting company.
  • Shoe-making and/or shoe repair business.
  • Door-to-door sales and retail sales to homes, with or without a retail business.
  • Retail, wholesale, and/or import company.

Class 3 (0,625% of daily wage)

  • Pottery and/or porcelain (the manufacturing company of).
  • Wallpapering and/or service stations (the).
  • Gasoline tank and/or service stations (the operating company of).
  • Construction works (the daily maintenance company of).
  • Bread, biscuit, cracker, and/or pastry bakery (the).
  • Chocolate and/or confectionery (the manufacturing company of).
  • Consumable milk, milk powder, condensed milk, butter, cheese, and/or similar dairy products (the preparation company of).
  • Ice cream (the manufacturing company of), including the operation of establishments where this ice cream can be consumed.
  • Hotel and/or boarding house business (the), the culinary business and/or the business conducted by establishments where food and beverages can be consumed.
  • Agricultural, horticultural, and livestock farming.
  • Paper products and plastic articles (the manufacturing company of).
  • Perfumeries, beauty products, tooth products, soap, and/or soap powder (the manufacturing company of), including the production of bleach and/or bleach powder.
  • Shoe polish, pomade, scouring powder, wax, polish, bleach, candles, and/or similar articles (the manufacturing company of).
  • Building cleaning (the business of), the business of providing domestic help services, operating facilities for lighting or water supply and lifts, and/or the business of purifying and/or disinfecting buildings.
  • Foam rubber and/or foam plastic (the manufacturing company of articles from).
  • Cigarette manufacturing business (the).
  • Television stations (the operation of).
  • Vermicelli, macaroni, and related articles (the manufacturing company of).
  • Transporting people by bus and/or automobile (the business of).
  • Laundry, bleaching, and ironing facilities, chemical laundries and dyeing establishments, and/or disinfection facilities (the business conducted in) and/or the business of pressing garments.
  • Salt (the mining business of).

Class 4 (0,875% of daily wage)

  • Automobiles, motorcycles, and/or scooters (the business of storage, maintenance, and/or repair of), whether or not combined with the trade of automobiles, motorcycles, and/or scooters.
  • Bed springs, mattresses, and/or mattress covers (the manufacturing business of).
  • Power plants (the business, conducted in electrical) and/or the business of electricity distribution.
  • Electrical appliances and/or devices (the business of repairing).
  • Distilleries and/or liquor production companies (the) and/or the manufacturing business of non-alcoholic mineral water, carbonated drinks, elixirs, and/or natural essences, the preparation of fruit juices, and the trade of wines and/or alcoholic beverages included.
  • Radiators (the manufacturing and/or repair business of).
  • Rowboats, small sailboats, canoes, and/or similar vessels (the manufacturing and/or repair business of), including the provision of mooring space, storage facilities, and/or rental services, the shipbuilding business without power machinery, the ship rigging and/or ship hoisting business.
  • Butchers’ business, including the manufacturing of processed meats or not.
  • Dyeing and/or paint (the manufacturing business of).
  • Vulcanizing plant (the business conducted in vulcanizing plants).
  • Water (the business of manufacturing and distributing drinking water).

Class 5 (1,125% of daily wage)

  • Accumulator manufacturing and/or repair company.
  • Security services (the business of providing).
  • Brewery (the).
  • Tin can factories (the business conducted in).
  • Electrical installations (the business of installation and/or maintenance of).
  • Refrigerated and/or frozen storage facilities (the business of operating).
  • Steel furniture and/or other small mass metal articles manufacturing company.
  • Driving school business and/or horse rental business.
  • Fish processing facilities (the business conducted in).

Class 6 (1,375% of daily wage

  • Cement, concrete, plaster, artificial granite, and/or similar substances (the manufacturing of objects from).
  • Stones (the grinding and/or crushing of).
  • Means for the extermination of insects and/or other harmful pests and/or for the control of plant diseases and/or weeds (the manufacturing of).
  • Fishing industry (the).

Class 7 (1,5% of daily wage)

  • Tinsmiths and coppersmiths business and/or lead and zinc worker and/or gas and water fitter.
  • Civil engineering works (the making of), the bending, cutting, tying, and/or placing of reinforcement steel in construction works, carpentry and masonry work in civil engineering works.
  • Chemical factories (the business conducted in).
  • Roofing business (the).
  • Goods (the transportation, stacking, and/or storage of).
  • House, decoration, and/or advertising painting business (the).
  • Boilers, pipelines, tanks, appliances, etc. (the insulation of).
  • Masonry business, tile-setting business, and/or refractory construction business.
  • Carpentry factories (the business conducted in).

Class 8 (1,875% of daily wage)

  • Dredging business (the).
  • Bridge construction and/or steel construction workshops (the business conducted in), and/or the repair, assembly, and/or dismantling of bridges, steel structures, steam boilers, tanks, machinery, drive mechanisms, devices, and/or heavier pipelines.
  • Machinery, steam boilers, tanks, steel structures, automobiles, and/or ships (the demolition of), with or without the trade of scrap metal and/or used parts.
  • Shipbuilding and/or ship repair business (the).
  • Ships (the transportation of passengers, goods, or animals with).
  • Road and/or hydraulic engineering works, airports, sewers, underground pipelines and/or cables (the construction, making, maintenance, repair, excavation, and/or demolition of), earthworks business and/or the rental of contractor equipment with operating personnel.

Class 9 (2,125% of daily wage)

  • Phosphate mines (the business conducted in).
  • Piling business (the).
  • Aviation enterprise business (the).

Class 10 (2,5% of daily wage)

  • Window cleaning business (the).
  • Loading and unloading of ships, including the carrying, stacking, and/or storage of unloaded goods.
  • Ship painting business, with or without the scraping, sandblasting, and/or cleaning of ship walls and/or holds, the painting of steel structures, cementing and/or caulking of ship holds, chipping of ship walls and/or iron structures, cleaning and/or degassing of ship walls, ship holds, and/or tanks.
  • Demolition of buildings (the), with or without the trade of demolition from the site.