Accident Insurance

What is accident insurance?

Accident insurance ensures that an employee gets part of his salary if the employee is incapacitated to work due to a work accident. If an insured passes away as a result of a work accident, the accident insurance gives rights to his wife, child(ren), or other persons dependent on the deceased for support expenses.

Which employees are covered by the accident insurance?

All employees in the private sector are covered by the accident insurance, but to receive benefits they must be registered with SVb.

The following categories of employees are not covered under accident insurance:

  • The employer who works at their own risk and who receives payment.
  • The spouse, child(ren), or parent(s) of an employer who works for their own company and is not paid or is paid under the minimum wage level.
  • Domestic staff.
  • Captain or navigators of ships with the flag of Aruba.
  • Public employees or employees who have legal status equal to public employees.
  • Employees who work at home.

An employee who acquired an illness due to prohibited conduct, an intentional act, or severe negligence of the employee will not receive compensation.

What is an accident at work?

An accident at work is an accident that occurs during work and is related to the execution of work, resulting in the employee being unable to work. It is also considered an accident at work, if that accident takes place on the way to or from work on the shortest route, or an illness that arises after work but related to the execution of work.

How much is compensation for AO disability days?

The employee is entitled to compensation from the second day since notifying SVb of being incapacitated to work due to an accident. All employees receive 100% of their salary in the first year of incapacity for a work accident. After the first year the compensation becomes 80% of the salary. If the employee becomes permanently disabled, SVb determines the employee’s level of disability. Based on the level of disability, the employee receives compensation. For an employee to receive workers’ compensation, they must submit the workers’ compensation form (bedrijfsongevallenformulier) within one year, completed and signed by their employer.

Passing Away of the Insured

If an insured passes away, SVb needs to be notified of this within 30 days after the death. This is to prevent the company from being overcharged for premiums; also, if the company was receiving accident insurance benefits for AO, these must be repaid.

To report this, you can send an email with the following information about the deceased to medisch@svbaruba.org:

  • Full first name(s) and last name (maiden name)
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Compan(ies) where registered
  • Death certificate (Overlijdensakte – Certificado di defuncion)

More information

For more information, you can contact SVb by phone at 527-2700, via email at info@svbaruba.org or by using the contact form.