Why reintegration?

Reintegration aims to reduce long-term absenteeism due to sickness or accidents at work. There are many benefits for both the employee and the employer:

  • An employee who returns to work in an adapted form recovers faster. The work causes a person that is AO to leave the regiment of being incapacitated and rejoin the role of being an employee. The working employee feels valued for their work and suffers no loss of income.
  • The employer doesn’t have to pay another employee overtime to do the disabled employee’s job or find another temporary employee. Also, your experienced and reliable employee is reinstated within a shorter period.

Reintegration Trajectory

Before an employee can resume work, the employer and SVb determine whether the work can be adapted or if the employee can do another job. After a positive assessment, the employee enters a reintegration trajectory. This trajectory endures until the employee can execute his former job again or until the adapted job or another job becomes their new job.

Reintegration Result

The reintegration outcome is always a positive one. SVb removes a disabled AO and gets them productive again, either in the same job or another job that has been temporarily or permanently adapted. For the company, this also reduces the expenses related to AO disability and avoids looking for another temporary employee, which is costly.

Reintegration Process

SVb requests through a letter to the employer to adapt the job or place an employee in a temporary position suitable for the person. Once a person is successfully reinstated, SVb evaluates how the process continues for both the employee and the employer. This continues until the reintegration is closed in an agreement with the employer or until the person is fit to execute their job.

Reintegration along with the Department of Labor Progress

SVb has good relations with the Labor Department (DPL). From SVb the Labor Department receives advice when a company wants to remove an employee from work. A reintegration trajectory is very important, if a person is on a reintegration trajectory the removal from work cannot take place. If a person is retired during their AO disability, SVb remains in contact with the Labor Department to do a reintegration through second trajectory so the employee can get another job.

More information

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