Passing Away of Pensioner

Death of pensioner

When a pensioner passes away there are different consequences for the pension of the deceased as well as for the deceased’s family. The consequences depend on the marital status of the pensioner and whether a burial expenses insurance is in effect. The law prescribes that SVb considers two situations which are:

  • If the deceased pensioner was married and living together
  • if the deceased pensioner was single or married but living apart

An explanation for both situations:

  1. If the deceased was married and living together:

For the deceased who received a pension for a married couple living together (the full amount in the name of one person or each person an amount equal to the other), the following applies:

  • Pension: SVb continues to pay the pension amount for three months after death.
  • Burial expenses: SVb compensates the person or agency responsible for burial expenses a sum of no more than Afl. 3,471, – for burial expenses.
  1. If the deceased was single or married living separately:

For the deceased who received:

  • Widow’s or widower’s pension
  • Single old-age pension
  • Old-age pension for a married couple living separately
  • Old-age pension for a couple who is not married and is living together

The following applies:

  • Pension: the pension expires from the first day of the month following the month of death. Therefore, the first month after the death, SVb no longer pays the pension to the pensioner or the person with the power of attorney to receive the pension.
  • Burial expenses: SVb compensates the person or instance who is responsible for the burial expenses 3X the amount of his monthly pension. If the deceased had burial insurance with another company, SVb compensates the difference between the amount for which the deceased is insured and the total burial expenses.

Reapply for pension

Note that to continue receiving a pension after the death of spouse, the widow/er must apply to SVb to receive an old-age pension (for those of old-age pension age) or a widow pension (for those who are below old-age pension age).

Payments made unfairly

If SVb unfairly pays one month or more of pension after death, the total sum that is unfairly paid will be deducted from the total sum for burial expenses.

Compensation for burial expenses

To receive compensation for burial expenses, the person or instance responsible must apply to the Pension Department within 30 days after death. If the pensioner leaves behind a widow/er, the application must be made within 28 days.
An email is enough to notify SVb within 30 or 28 days to fulfill the application for compensation of the pensioner at: pensioenen@svbaruba.org.

More information

For more information, you can contact the Pension Department through our contact form: