Tutorial MiPensioen App

The MiPensioen Mobile App is for all clients who receive pension from SVb and who are registered in the MiPensioen portal. To use the MiPensioen App, you need to log in with the same username and password that you use on the portal. If the pensioner has not yet registered on the MiPensioen portal, they can register directly through the app.

Download the App and access the MiPensioen portal here: https://link-to.app/mipensioen

To install the app, search for the MiPensioen app in the Playstore or Appstore and install it. The user fills in their username and password and then creates their PIN, which they will use every time they use the app.

In this app, you can find documents such as Jaaropgaaf (Annual Statement of Earnings) and Inkomensverklaring (Income Statement). You can also view the payments received from SVb and communicate with SVb’s Pension Department by sending an email through the app.

We remind all SVb pensioners that for any information, they can send us a message through Whatsapp at number +2975272760, email us at pensioenen@svbaruba.org or call us at 527-2760.