AO Notification (Public Sector)

AO Notification

When a public servant is incapacitated to work due to sickness or accident (arbeidsongeschikt or AO), the employee must notify his department or head of department. All public servants are registered as AO in the Medisoft SVb system by their department. This means the employee only calls his (head of) department and does not call SVb to report AO.

Procedure to Notify AO Public Sector

Procedure to notify AO Public Sector (as of April 28, 2020)

1. On the first day the employee notifies the employer. The employer registers the notification in Medisoft SVb.

2. If still sick on the second day, call at the corresponding control office between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM Monday to Friday:

  • SVb Oranjestad: 527-2808 (SVb Eagle & Sun Plaza)
  • SVb San Nicolas: 527-2790

It is not possible call any other phone number; nor can change the control office!

3. When calling the control office it is required to:

    • Give a valid phone number for SVb to call back the same day (up to 5:00 PM).
    • Be pending to receive this call the same day.

If SVb calls and does not get an answer the AO day will not be approved.

4. When SVb calls back, the control doctor can:

  • Determine a date to go back to work again (AG date). If still sick on the AG date and cannot go back to work, you must notify SVb at the corresponding number to the control location:
    • SVb Oranjestad: 527-2808 (SVb Eagle & Sun Plaza)
    • SVb San Nicolas: 527-279
  • Receive an appointment for a medical examination at SVb.

5. Control offices may only be visited by appointment. There are no exceptions. One person is allowed per appointment, except for those needing assistance.

If you have an appointment at SVb, please note the following:

  1. When you enter, you must show your passport, driver’s license, or identity card.
  2. People with flu, fever, or cough are not allowed to enter.
  3. You cannot enter the SVb building if you are not on the appointment list.
  4. Follow the given instruction to qualify for compensation.

Follow the instructions for your AO days to be approved by SVb.

Notification hours

The employee always notifies AO before his working hours.

If the employee becomes sick at work or after work hours, but before the department is open for calls, it is mandatory to notify your department as soon as possible.

Instruction when notifying AO

If the public employee or those who use the Medisoft SVb are still sick the next day, they should call the SVb Medical Administration between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM for instructions. The number you need to call depends on where you receive medical control:

  • If you receive medical control in Oranjestad, call 527-2808 (SVb Eagle & Sun Plaza).
  • If you receive medical control in San Nicolas, call 527-2790.

Follow the AO notification procedure as described above.

Employees who do comply with the given instructions will not receive compensation.

Control at Home

During the AO period, the employee stays home. You can go out only to visit a doctor, pharmacy, hospital, specialist, or similar place.

On the first day of AO, the employee can receive a visit from SVb personnel.

Resuming work

At the time that the employee goes back to work, he notifies his (head of) department.

Medical control in SVb

The employee who must receive a medical control shows up at SVb at the time of his appointment. Upon entry, you must identify with a valid passport, driver’s license, or identity card. Follow the instructions of the SVb staff. During the medical control, the doctor determines if the employee is remains AO or can resume work.

The AZV card is NOT a valid means of identification.

Incapacitated (Arbeidsongeschikt or AO)

An employee who has been declared AO by the control doctor must inform his employer of the date that he must present himself at SVb again for medical control. For a better view in his/her health, the control doctor may request information related to his medication. The doctor may also ask the employee for permission to receive information from his/her house doctor or specialist.
Only the SVb control doctor can determine if an employee is AO or AG.

Work-capable (Arbeidsgeschikt or AG)

An employee that the control doctor determined to be able to work must inform his boss of the date to resume work.

The employee is sick on the date declared AG.

If an employee is still sick or feels sick again on the date that he/she is declared AG, they must call SVb at their control office between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM (Monday to Friday) for instructions:

  • If you receive medical control in Oranjestad, call 527-2808 (SVb Eagle & Sun Plaza).
  • If you receive medical control in San Nicolas, call 527-2790.

If the control doctor determines that after the medical control, the employee is AG, the AO day will not be approved.

Leaving Aruba whilst AO

The employee, that the control doctor declared AO is not allowed to leave Aruba during the days that he is AO without the approval of SVb. Only those who must go abroad with an AZV declaration can get permission from SVb to leave Aruba. For any other form of treatment or any other reason, SVb does not give permission.
If the insured decides to leave Aruba without approval, he loses his right to compensation during his period abroad.

More Information

For more information, you can contact SVb by phone at 527-2700, via email at info@svbaruba.org, or by using the contact form:
contact form.