Hazard class of employees

The list mentioned below is the classification of the entire class of hazards according to National Ordinance Accident Insurance (AB 1997 no. GT 6).

Class 1 (0.25% of daily wage)

  • Administrative and other deskwork (the company where the work is performed exclusively).
  • Architectural, experts, engineers, and valuation offices (the business, carried on by holders).
  • Doctor, dentist, or veterinarian (exercising the liberal profession).
  • Funeral directors (the business operated by).
  • Libraries, reading establishments, or museums (the business carried on by holders).
  • Cinemas, theaters (the business carried out by permanent holders), the business of giving theatrical performances, concerts and/ or other public entertainment in permanent buildings, including or not including the rental of buildings and premises.
  • Dance institutes, dance halls, fencing schools, bathing, and swimming establishments, camping grounds, remedial gymnastics, and massage establishments and/ or other sports rooms and grounds (the business carried on by holders of) and the business carried on by holders of mobile cinemas, dance tents, exhibitions, fairground stalls, and the like.
  • Photographic and light printing facilities (the business, carried on).
  • Hairdressing and hair workers company (the) or the company of operating beauty and foot care institutes.
  • Garments (the business of manufacturing).
  • Educational establishments and laboratories (the business conducted in), including laboratory activities and the business conducted in laboratories for scientific and technical research.
  • Parking lots (the business of operating).
  • Radio stations (operating).
  • Advertising studios (the company conducted in).
  • Dental technician – dentures (the business of manufacturing) and the business practiced in dental workshops.
  • Auctions, exhibitions, and sales (the business conducted by holders).
  • Insurance companies or holders of insurance offices (the business, carried on by).
  • Hospitals or outpatient clinics (the business of holding or operating); work related to district nursing and family care

Class 2 (0.5% of daily wage)

  • Pharmacy company (the).
  • Bookbindery and liner company.
  • Printing company (the), whether or not in conjunction with the publishing, also of newspapers, weeklies, or other periodicals.
  • Gold or silversmiths and jewelry workshops.
  • Watchmaking Company (the).
  • Instruments (manufacturing and repairing), the business of repairing sales, music and gaming machines, office machines, and – used in shops and restaurants – highways and meat slicers and opticians company.
  • Coffee sorter and coffee roaster company (the).
  • Shoemaker and shoe repair company.
  • Venturing and retail home sales, whether or not in conjunction with the shopkeeper’s business.
  • Retailer, wholesaler, and importer company (the).

Class 3 (0.625% of daily wage)

  • Pottery and porcelain (the manufacturing company).
  • Wallpapering and service stations (the).
  • Petrol filling and service stations (operating business).
  • Construction works (the business of daily maintenance).
  • Bread, biscuit, rusk, and pastry company (the).
  • Chocolate works or confectionery (the manufacturing company).
  • Consumption milk, milk powder, block milk, butter, cheese, or similar milk products (the company that prepares them).
  • Ice cream (the manufacturing business), including keeping establishments where ice cream mis consumed.
  • Hotel and pension holder’s business (the), the cooking business, or the business carried on by holders of establishments where they can consume food and drink products.
  • Agricultural, horticultural, and livestock farming business.
  • Stationery and plastic articles (the manufacturing company).
  • Perfumery, cosmetics, dentifrices, soap, and soap powder (the manufacturing company), including manufacturing bleaching water or bleaching powder.
  • Shoe polish, polishing pomade, scouring powder, wax, polish, bleach, candles, and similar articles (the company that manufactures).
  • Cleaning buildings (the business of), the business of providing domestic auxiliary services, the business of operating installations for light or water supply and lifts, and the business of purifying or disinfecting buildings.
  • Foam rubber or foam plastic (the company that manufactures articles).
  • Cigarette-making company (the).
  • Television stations (operating).
  • Vermicelli, macaroni, and related items (the company of manufacturing).
  • Transporting people by bus or automobile (the company of).
  • Washing, bleaching, and ironing facilities, chemical laundries, and dyers, or disinfection facilities (the business carried on in) and the business of pressing garments.
  • Salt (the business of extracting).

Class 4 (0.875% of daily wage)

  • Automobiles, motorcycles, and scooters (the business of storing, maintaining, or repairing), whether or not in conjunction with the trade in automobiles, motorcycles, and scooters.
  • Bed springs, mattresses, and mattress covers (the company manufactures).
  • Power stations (the business carried on in electrical) and the business of distributing electricity.
  • Electrical appliances and appliances (the company to repair).
  • Liqueur distilling and distilling company (the) or the company manufacturing artificial mineral water, aerated drinks, elixir, and natural essences, including the preparation of fruit juices and the trade in wines or alcoholic beverages.
  • Radiators (the company of manufacturing or repairing).
  • Rowing boats, small sailing boats, canoes, or the like (the business of making and repairing), including whether or not providing a berth, allowing storing and renting out, the shipbuilding business without a power tool, the ship rigging and ship rigging company.
  • Butcher’s business (the), including or not including the manufacture of meat products.
  • Dusting and painting (the company that manufactures).
  • Vulcanizing facility (the business conducted in vulcanizing facilities).
  • Water (the company to manufacture and distribute drinking water).

Class 5 (1.125% of daily wage)

  • Accumulators (the business of manufacturing and repairing).
  • Surveillance services (the business of providing).
  • Beer brewing company (the).
  • Cans factories (the business conducted in).
  • Electrical installations (the construction and maintenance company).
  • Cold and cold stores (the business to operate).
  • Steel furniture and other small mass metal articles (the manufacturing company).
  • Riding school holding company, and the company is renting out riding horses.
  • Fish processing establishments (the business conducted in).

Class 6 (1.375% di daily wage)

  • Cement, concrete, plaster, artificial granite, and similar substances (the business of manufacturing objects from).
  • Rocks (the business of grinding and breaking).
  • Agents for exterminating insects and other pests and controlling plant diseases and weeds (the company that manufactures).
  • Fishing Company (it).

Class 7 (1.5% of daily wage)

  • Tin and coppersmith company (the) and the company of lead and zinc worker and gas and water fitter.
  • Civil engineering works (the business of making), bending, cutting, braiding, and setting reinforcing bars on structures, and the carpentry and masonry business on civil engineering works.
  • Chemical Plants (the business operated in).
  • Roofing company (the).
  • Goods (the business of transporting and stacking, and storing).
  • Home, decoration, and advertising painting company (the).
  • Boilers, pipelines, tanks, appliances, Etc. (the business of insulating).
  • Bricklayer company (the), the tiler company, or the oven builder company.
  • Carpentry factories (the business conducted in).

Class 8 (1.875% of daily wage)

  • Dredging company (the).
  • Bridge building or steel construction workshops (the company practiced in) or the repair or assembly and dismantling business of bridges, steel structures, steam boilers, tanks, machines, gears, appliances, or heavier pipelines.
  • Machines, steam boilers, tanks, steel constructions, automobiles, and ships (the business of dismantling), whether or not in conjunction with the trade in old metals and used parts.
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair company (the).
  • Ships (the business of transporting persons, goods, or animals).
  • Civil or hydraulic engineering works, airports, sewers, underground pipelines, or cables (the construction, construction, maintenance, repair, demolition, and demolition company), the earthworks company, or the rental company of contractor equipment with operating personnel.

Class 9 (2.125% of daily wage)

  • Phosphate Mines (the business operated in).
  • Piling company (the).
  • Aviation Entrepreneurship Company (the).

Class 10 (2.5% of daily wage)

  • Window cleaning company (the).
  • Loading and unloading ships, including carrying, stacking, and storing unloaded goods.
  • Ship painting company (the), whether or not in conjunction with the chipping, sandblasting, or cleaning of ship walls and holds, the business of painting steel structures, cementing and mastics of ship holds, chipping ship walls or iron structures, cleaning or degassing of ship hulls, holds or tanks.
  • Demolition of construction works (the company of), whether or not in conjunction with the trade-in demolition from work.