Digital Service for Employers MiSVb

MiSVb is the name of all digital services from SVb for employers. The MiSVb portal offers digitalized services for all employers which are registered at SVb.

Here follows an introduction of the MiSVb system (Papiamento):

On the15th of November 2019 SVb launched its new employer portal MiSVb 2.0. MiSVb 2.0 offers the employer more freedom to manage all information of its organization or company in an easy, fast, digital and well organized way. MiSVb 2.0 is a portal where all employer information is centralized. With this major improvement the employer has the ability to make changes 24 hours a day and submit these changes without presenting at the SVb office.

Visit our portal at https://misvb.svbaruba.org

MiSVb 2.0 instruccions (Papiamento): https://www.svbaruba.org/instruccion-misvb-2-0/

Read more about MiSVb 2.0 here (Papiamento): https://www.svbaruba.org/organisacion/inauguracion-misvb-2-0/

For more information or help contact us on Whatsapp: https://wa.me/2975272740 of open the MiSVb Helpdesk chat on this page on the lower right corner. Or send us an email at helpdesk@svbaruba.org.