AO Online Instructions

On the 1st December 2020 SVb introduced a new AO Online Portal. On this portal employees from the private sector can notify AO online, and can now also notify AG and receive medical consult if still unable to work on the 3rd day.

To make use of the new system a new account must be registered on the AO Online portal. Asides from the AO online portal our telephone line for notifying AO 527-2782 and for medical consult 527-2730 will continue to be operational.

The procedure to notify AO Online takes 4 steps:

  1. Register your personal account on the portal https://ao.svbaruba.org
  2. When unable to work log on the portal and press the button to notify AO (Meld AO)
  3. If going back to work within or on the 3rd day from notifying AO press the button to notify AG (Meld AG)
  4. If unable to work on the 3rd day press the button to request a medical consult (consulta medico)

Each step is recorded on the portal and the employee will also receive a confirmation via mail. The employer will also be notified of the date of AO and the date of resuming work (AG). The employer will only receive the name of the employee and the date of the notification of AO followed by the the date of resuming work (AG).
SVb will send the notification to the employer’s email which is registered in the MiSVb portal. To change the employer’s email for AO Online portal notifications please contact poortwachter@svbaruba.org.

Instructions AO Online (Papiamento only):

    1. Instructions for Registration: PDF Document Youtube video
    2. Instructions for Notification AO: PDF Document Youtube video
    3. Instructions for Notification AG: PDF Document Youtube video
    4. Instructions for Medical Consult : PDF Document Youtube video