Maternity Leave

Public Employee Maternity Leave

All female public employees and employees with equal status are entitled to maternity leave compensation before and after childbirth (zwangerschapsverlof). This is notarranged with SVb, it is regulated between the direct chief or director of department and the public employee. The employee is also not placed in Medisoft SVb as AO during the maternity leave.


The employee comes to an agreement with the direct chief or director of department on when the maternity leave begins. This depends on the projected delivery date, which is determined by medical professionals (house doctor, specialist or midwife). Maternity leave consists of a total of 12 weeks, divided between 4 or 6 weeks before the projected delivery date and the rest after.
If the employee gives birth on a date other than the projected date, it does not influence the total days of the maternity leave.


During maternity leave, public employees receive 100% of their salary.

Medisoft SVb

The public employee is not put in the Medisoft SVb as AO during the maternity leave. Only if a public employee cannot resume work on the date set to resume work, then the employee is reported as AO in Medisoft SVb and the normal AO control process at SVb begins.

More Information

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