Examination of Public Employees

Examination of a public employee or those with legal status equal to a public employee

Before a public employee is taken into service, they must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must have a declaration of good conduct given by the Public Prosecution Service Aruba.
  • The applicant has the Dutch nationality, except for cases where a national ordinance (landsverordening) dictates otherwise.
  • The applicant must dominate the Dutch language.
  • The applicant applying for a function that involves contact with the public must dominate the Papiamento language within one year.
  • The applicant is declared suitable for the function based on a medical examination (keuring).


All examinations executed by SVb take place after receiving a written request by the director or head of the concerned department. Upon receiving the request, the applicant contacts SVb to make an appointment for the examination. All expenses related to the examination are for the department for which the applicant is applying. After the examination, the applicant and the department will receive the results as soon as possible. The applicant can appeal the examination results to the respective department should they disagree with it.

Department change

When a public employee moves from one department to another, there will not be a new examination. The applicant receives a new examination only when certain demands are attached to the new function, which are heavier compared to the previous function.

More Information

For more information, you can contact SVb by phone at 527-2700, via email at info@svbaruba.org, or by using the contact form:
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