SVb Mission and Vision

The Social Insurance Bank (SVb Aruba) performs an essential task in the social security system of Aruba. Within this framework, SVb executes five social insurance laws. Every month SVb aims to ensure that a large part of our community receives an income through AO disability days, old age pension and widow and orphan’s pension.

From the 1st of January 1986, SVb has provided security for its community.


The Social Insurance Bank of Aruba executes the law and agreements in force in the social security framework and provides coverage for all citizens of Aruba.


We strive for timely and correct financial security and provide efficient service with empathy to our clients.

Tasks of SVb

SVb is responsible for executing five social security laws all for the benefit of the employee and the people in general. The laws are:

  • Sickness Insurance Law
  • Accident Insurance Law
  • Old Age Pension Insurance Law
  • Widow and Orphan Pension Insurance Law
  • Severance Insurance Law

Read more about our laws: